Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lyrics to go.

Sorry, folks. Thursday was a bad day for blogging. My favorite copy editor is celebrating her birthday today and it wouldn't be all that cool to spend time in front of the Dell.

But I've got a few seconds before we head out into the night. Let's see if I can get through this before she's ready to go:

1. I would like to see the phrase "race card" officially retired. Especially after today. It should join "Sister Souljah moment," "flip-flop," and "liberal media" in the political news coverage graveyard.

2. I really can't imagine how Ludacris could have thought this would help Obama's cause. Now we know where his name came from, I suppose.

3. The Packers are looking really silly right now. They CAN NOT win this showdown with Brett Favre. I'll have more thoughts on this tomorrow.


UPDATE: UBM spells it out for Chris Bridges. Game, set, match.


Connie said...

1. Word.
2. Yup.
3. Agree.
4. You have a blog!!!!!

Hope all is well with you!

blackink said...

Connie, indeed I do have a blog. Thanks for checking it out.

I don't know where all this is going. But I'm gonna keep going until the wheels fall off.