Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bye, Black Moses

What a terrible weekend for black celebrities and two of the three men set to star in the upcoming film "Soul Men."
First Bernie Mac, now Isaac Hayes.

I'll admit that Hayes' heyday, for me, came well before I was able to appreciate his gifts as a hot-buttered soul man. But I'd lose my hood pass if I didn't show some love for the man who created the theme to "Shaft."

The Official Mother of False Hustle, a music-lover herself, said: "Isaac Hayes was the '60s and '70s." I'll most certainly defer to her on this one.

Most folks are familiar with Hayes because he lent his deep baritone voice to the Chef on "South Park." However, I probably got my first bit of exposure to Hayes from his underappreciated acting role as Hammer in "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka."

A musician, an actor, a trendsetter, a civil-rights activist, a man of principle, a father of 12 children.

R.I.P., Black Moses.

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