Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some light reading

Sample line from the nation's top-selling "nonfiction" hardcover book: Obama "wants to will all the white blood out of himself so he can become pure black."

Really? It's tough to take anything Jerome Corsi writes with much seriousness (not that I was in the first place). That sounds like a line borrowed from a 5th-grade special ed student.

Seriously, who are these people buying copy after copy of "Obama Nation"? Even Levar Burton thinks the book is too childish to be recommended.

A few other notes about Corsi's latest contribution to conservative "scholarship":

1. The "Obama Nation" publisher is Mary Matalin, wife of dogged Democratic operative James Carville. And I actually like Carville, a passionate Democrat and devoted LSU football fan. One can only imagine the pillow talk that goes on in that bedroom.

2. John McCain catches a little flak for a seemingly off-handed remark directed at a reporter who asked a question about the book. I can believe his flak's contention that he misheard the question. McCain should crank up that hearing aid in the future.

3. Peter Wehner on how Corsi and Co. could prove destructive to both the political process and the Republican Party. In short, appealing to idiocy is not necessarily a smart tactic.

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