Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A little snazz

Well, we have a different look here today - and for the foreseeable future - at False Hustle. And, for that, I have J.P. to thank.

J.P., a talented "toonist" and blogger extraordinaire, offered last week to spruce up the blog's banner and I eagerly accepted. Glad that I did. We could use a little more snazz around this place.

Thanks again, man.

And, real quick before I move on, a few short notes:

1. I really, really will have to give up my lifelong love affair with milk. It's becoming apparent that my innards can't handle it. (Sorry if that was TMI. But I'm hurting here).

2. Glad to see that Russia and Georgia seem to be moving toward a resolution. But who really knows? I'm listening to the Russian foreign ministry on CNN and he's being very evasive about whether or not Russia is honoring its own call for a cease-fire. (As another note, the LA Times story is written by one of the three best writers I know in person. Megan Stack is simply brilliant).

3. Also, Barack is to blame even when he's not around. I think Obama should have returned home, only to prevent these sort of silly attacks. But, to be honest, even that wouldn't have saved him from criticism in some quarters. He's being arrogant. He's acting presidential before he's even been elected. Some people are so predictable.

4. Madden '09 was released today. Somehow, someway, I need to get my hands on a copy.
5. I figured out the answer to a question no one was asking: Blanca Soto is the actress in those yellowbook.com commercials. Soto (pictured above) is a model and a former Miss Mexico World. I'd think even Lou Dobbs would be down with Miss Soto.


Brandon said...

Keep at it J. I'm enjoying what you're producing.

blackink said...

Thank you, Brandon. But you set the template. I'm just trying to keep up.