Saturday, August 9, 2008

ESPN gets out-Foxed

A couple of days after the fact, I had to mention this item in The Big Lead about Jay Glazer's scoop of the great "ESPN Army" on the Brett Favre trade.

Seems that Glazer "outfoxed" as many as seven ESPN reporters (heavy-hitters, all of them) to get the news about the Packers sending Brett to the Jets. That ranks as a damn-near Herculean feat these days (the Associated Press recently ran a photo with ESPN's Rachel Nichols chatting with Favre in a parking lot during the height of the drama. She's a virtual celebrity, ya know?).

Trust me. Back in my former life as a sportswriter, I had the misfortune to compete against the reach and resources of ESPN. There were few things worse than settling into the couch after a 12-hour day of work and seeing something on ESPN's crawl about some breaking bit of news from one of the teams you cover. And it happened all the time.

Maybe I really like to see the underdog prevail (though Fox Sports is far from some backwater media outpost). Or maybe I prefer to see that ESPN doesn't have a complete monopoly on sports coverage. Or maybe I'm just a hater.

Either way, I salute Glazer for his efforts.

Also, Sports Saturday might actually become Sports Sunday at this rate. Lots to do today, folks. And I can't accomplish much of it sitting in front of the Dell Inspiron.

And, yes, I really like parentheses.

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