Saturday, August 9, 2008


I'm not going to waste anyone's time with my takes on the Olympics, with the possible exception of the sports I know best and follow the most - track and field and hoops.

But here's a few recommendations for folks who want some dispatches from the front lines in Beijing:

My friend and former Shreveport colleague, Greg Pearson, was one of eight photographers in the Gannett family of newspapers chosen to shoot the Games. He's also blogging pretty regularly for the Times. He's had a couple of hilarious run-ins with the locals, who apparently aren't all that used to seeing black guys.

James Fallows of The Atlantic doesn't usually blog that often but he's changing it up for the Games. A really smart, insightful guy who's taking a global-view of the Olympics.

MSNBC offers a take on the nightlife and cultural crossroads that is the Games.

Another insider's look at the action in Beijing. Not necessarily the action inside Olympic stadium.

Just a reminder from the 2004 Games that a lot of the fun in Beijing will take place in Olympic Village. But there will be none of that, uh, pay-for-play stuff going on either.

And the obligatory nod to the New York Times' Olympics blog, Rings.


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