Monday, September 1, 2008

And baby makes 6

Everyday, we learn something new about our presumptive Republican nominee for vice president. Today, for instance, we find out the Palins are soon to become grandparents.

From Matt Y: Palin family sticks with anti-abortion, anti-contraception, anti-single motherhood principles and arranges shotgun wedding for Sarah and Todd Palin’s 17 year-old daughter.
UPDATE: Is it a coincidence that this bit of news was released today, when most news outlets are intently focused on Gustav?
UPDATE: To that end, I think this is the final time we'll mention Bristol Palin in this space. I just don't think it's a tasteful topic. When it comes to politics, we sometimes tend to forget that people are people. Bristol didn't ask to be thrust into the spotlight.


Librachick said...

You know, I understand you not wanting to talk about it. I mean I agree with the general consensus that family matters are private, BUT it becomes part of public fodder when:

a) you're a public figure. As much as folks, especially public figures, hate this invasion of privacy, these are the breaks of a public figure, particularly a public official.

b) you're a candidate who's constantly preaching family values, abstinence-only curriculum, anti-abortion and other stuff of that ilk and your own home is in, er, um, disarray, people are gonna talk. Period. They do that even when you're NOT a public figure.

c) Let's be real - if this were a black candidate or a Democratic candidate, i.e. Barack Obama, this would be the DEATH of his campaign. Unjustly so, but a death all the same. The GOP is ALWAYS shoving this Christian/family value/morals ish down America's throats, boasting and bragging as if they're morally superior to everyone and go into immediate strike mode when someone, ESPECIALLY A NON-REPUBLICAN POLITICAL CANDIDATE, doesn't uphold such values and morals. (And just for clarification purposes - I am a Christian)
The major cable news newtworks would have hardly been able to report on Gustav today without flashing to some of these folks blasting Barack if this scenario had happened to them. Yet when it happens to one of their own, now, all of sudden, they recognize that people are human and sometimes end up unexpected, imperfect situations. Now it's ok and just part of the American family (as I saw someone say on one of those major networks.) And they're trying to hush everybody up about it and not do the very things they've done for years - going below the belt.

Whew, sorry to go so long. Guess I had to get that off my chest.

Zen said...


Is it possible that people can preach and not be perfect themselves? Is it possible that you can raise your kids in the way of the lord and they can stray from the path?

The right preaches family values, morality, abstinence, etc. because they think it's what's best for the country, that doesn't mean that they're pretending to live 'perfect' lives.

blackink said...

"you're a public figure. As much as folks, especially public figures, hate this invasion of privacy, these are the breaks of a public figure, particularly a public official."

I agree librachick: Sarah Palin is a public figure. But Bristol Palin is not. I'd prefer to see Bristol's name and image left out of the public sphere. She wound up in the spotlight through no fault of her own.

However, I think the issues related to the pregnancy are fair game: how hardline beliefs in abstinence-only education have repeatedly proven ineffective at lowering the teen pregnancy rate, and why Gov. Palin would continue to back such a failed policy. Not to mention more global debates about abortion and such. Those sorts of discussions are fair game.

Not Bristol Palin, who like lots of people, made a mistake and will now have to own up to it. As far as I know, she hasn't preached to anyone about family values. That's Gov. Palin's thing, you know?

And, in reference to the argument that 'if they would do it, so should we,' I just have to say that there's some lines that I won't cross even if someone else will. But that's my personal decision. I definitely can understand where you're coming from.

Librachick said...

I think I may not have clearly articulated some points in my original post, particularly concerning the right and their stance on family values and such, so I will attempt to clarify:

First of all, not only am I a Christian, but I'm a preacher's daughter and I'm all about family values and all of that. But I'm not a Republican.

My point, Zen, is that often times I've seen some people from the right DESTROY a Democrat or minority politician's name, reputation, family members and the like when they discover their flaws or their family's flaws. It's not always fair, but they do it and alot of times, they do it successfully. And as much as people from the left cry foul or not fair, it still happens.

That's my point with the right - now that one of their OWN has a family issue they're crying foul and don't want anyone to talk about it or 'go there.' when they've gone there time and time again.

Joel, of course it's not fair to Bristol Palin. I never said that I personally thought it was justified. I was merely explaining that as wrong and ugly as it is to bring Bristol Palin into the political discussion, it's going to happen. It's already happened. Perhaps Sarah Palin brought into the political discussion when she disclosed this information to the media.

zen, of course we're all human and prone to making bad decisions and mistakes. I don't think any sane person doubts that and I've ALWAYS known that everyone from the right to left and in between are capable of making such mistakes.

My problem, and I'm kind of getting off topic, is that it's not right to act as though just because a person is not of a certain political affiliation they don't uphold these same values and deserve to have their name or family slandered in the media and that's exactly how SOME people from the right tend to act about anyone who isn't GOP or calling themselves conservatives. and zen, some of them DO act as though they're morally superior.

Again, I ask, if this happened to a Democrat or minority candidate would people be as understanding and forgiving and merciful to that candidate or his family?

And finally, again, I'm not saying it's right at all. I totally agree that Bristol shouldn't be brought into the discussion. ALL I was trying to say is don't be surprised that it does become public fodder and I listed my reasons why it will be.

For real, does ANYBODY get what I'm saying? I really want this to be clear because I think I was misunderstood and I'll take the blame for that.

blackink said...

Librachick, I definitely see where you're coming from.

I can certainly see the hypocrisy involved, and really, I wouldn't expect conservative Republicans to react in any other way. They've shrugged their shoulders at David Vitter, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, and then sent out the attack dogs on guys like John Edwards and Elliott Spitzer.

It's been a long-running narrative, particularly since the days of the Reagan White House.

You're preaching to the choir, librachick. I'm totally against this conservative culture of claiming "family values" as a political virtue. However, it's easy for voters to digest on the stump and it's proven to be an effective tool to motivate potential voters who know little about the actual issues. Conservatives like Palin ain't gonna stop going to the well just because folks call them on their bullshit.

We should definitely call attention to the hypocrisy. And I'd be down for pressing hard here in this situation if not for the involvement of a 17-year-old girl who really has nothing to do with the larger, more important issues.

Gov. Palin only confirmed the pregnancy to refute vicious rumors been pushed on so-called liberal blogs. I won't even sink so low as to repeat those rumors here.

Librachick said...

Excellent points, blackink. And I agree. And yeah, I knew about those rumors and why Palin came forward with the news about her daughter in the first place, but I didn't wanna repeat it here for the same reason you didn't.

I'll just let this rest because a) you get that my point is not to ridicule Palin's daughter at all and b)I don't want to risk being misunderstood by belaboring the point.