Thursday, September 4, 2008


Remember when it was taboo to use images of Sept. 11 for political gain? Those days are over, starting tonight.

* I'm not sure if I'm live blogging or not. We'll see how things go.

UPDATE: Nah. I'm bored. Maybe a little more later.

UPDATE 2: You've got to admire how McCain refuses to exploit his days as a P.O.W. for political advantage. A profile in modesty, it is.

UPDATE 3: Do you think there's a chance Sarah Palin might drop McCain from the ticket?

UPDATE 4: Is it me, or were there like thousands of black people in the arena tonight? Seems like there was a brotha or sista everytime the camera took a swing through the audience.

UPDATE 5: McCain seemed really tired. He had a last gasp in the final couple minutes of the speech but, overall, what a lifeless performance.

UPDATE 6: Certainly, Democrats dance much better than Republicans. I think I saw a guy doing the "Elaine." No, seriously.

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