Thursday, September 4, 2008

Taking it all in

My rapid-fire thoughts following Wednesday night's festivities in St. Paul:

Mike Huckabee is an honorable and engaging adversary, which is no great surprise since he's from the great state of Arkansas.

Rudy Giuliani, jerk that he is, is a scourge upon our nation. That was a lot of tough talk from a guy whose presidential campaign was memorable only for its miscalculation and abject failure.

Meanwhile, Gov. Palin should have saved all the biographical information for her 100-page memoir that - as a good friend mentioned this evening - would probably be written in crayon.

I missed Mitt Romney's speech. But I'm sure I'll be able to read all the substantive parts in "The Onion."

I'm really, really disappointed in this nugget of information labeled as "fact" at the bottom of CNN's screen last night: Sarah Palin won election to the governorship as a maverick reformer willing to distance herself from the Republican Party. No. Here's a fact: Palin won election to the governorship as the Republican nominee. That's it. The term "maverick reformer" is completely subjective, as is her supposed willingness to take on Alaskan Republicans, and they should not be passed off as truth to CNN's viewers. I really expect better from them.

Since when did it become a bad thing to work as a community organizer? Judging from the Republican lineup last night, you would think it was a dishonorable profession along the lines of strip club bodyguard or porn-set fluffer. Is it right to demean the good people who have chosen to work with people in our forgotten communities?

It worries me that Palin and others like her view habeas corpus as some sort of impediment to punishment. What happened to the rule of law?

And let's see Gov. Palin make it through a round of sit-down interviews and debates. She reads a teleprompter well. But now the hard part begins.

I'm a little disappointed in Cowboy Troy. I mean, go ahead, do your country thizzle. But to show up on the other sideline? Brother, your ghetto pass has been revoked.


Zen said...

Why the unnecesary barb at Cowboy Troy? There are plenty of black republicans. Fox News showed every single 14 of them at the convention.

blackink said...

Zen, sometimes I gotta judge you by the company you keep. If Rich and Gretchen Wilson weren't bad enough, then Troy had to be in the house with Giuliani.

That's just too much for me, man. Maybe that's an invitation I would have passed up.

Librachick said...

Man my head is still hurting from that pep rally last night. Good God...LMAO at Palin's memoirs probably being written in crayon, lol.

All of that was a mess. I'm still trying to figure what everyone was so ga-ga or impressed about with her speech. My 5-year-old cousin can get up there and talk noise like that, especially if it's written out for him, lol.

All she proved, to me, was that she knows how to read a teleprompter and dress up lies in the form of tough talk with no substance. Did you see this:

Librachick said...

oops, it looks like the link got cut off, lol. Let me try this again:

Librachick said...

oh forget it... I think I emailed it to you anyway, lol.

blackink said...

Yeah, I'm ready for this week to be over. Let the debates begin.