Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On my grizzly

Sorry for the extremely light posting on here today. Wednesday has been unusually busy, which is sad to me, because there's so much going on that I would love to comment on.

Here's five quick-hit thoughts that I wish I had more time to really dig into. Links to come later:

1. The Republicans' Cinderella story might be nearing midnight, to borrow a hilarious riff from blogger extraordinaire UBM. Even the National Enquirer has joined the fray.

2. McCain actually had the gall to denigrate Obama's Ivy League education. Which isn't surprising for a guy who finished near the bottom of his class at Annapolis. I think, as has been the conservative tradition in recent years, that McCain is appealing to idiocy and dressing it up as confronting elitism.

3. Isn't it remarkable how fast we've moved on from Gustav? That's phenomenal, given the nonstop coverage the storm received on Sunday and Monday.

4. I spent about two hours today arguing about the importance of state's rights (I'm not a big fan). And not with leaders of the Sons or Daughters of the Confederacy either. I definitely move in interesting and enlightening circles, to say the least.

5. I think people should calm down about the sudden resurgence of UCLA under new coach Rick Neuheisel. The Bruins won a really ugly game at home against a relatively mediocre Tennessee team. L.A. is still a one-team town, as far as I'm concerned. But what a team it is.

There may be more later today. Maybe not. But Thursday should be different.


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