Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daunte Culpepper is finished

In a league where the likes of Gus Frerotte, Chris Redman and Cleo Lemon still collect regular paychecks, the NFL apparently had no use for a 31-year-old former three-time Pro Bowler.

Daunte Culpepper might be nursing a bruised ego at the moment. And rightfully so. But I wonder if he'll reconsider if another opportunity arises in the near future.


avery said...

well, green bay wanted to hire the bol as a backup, but he declined that offer. i think he thought he was still a starter.

i definitely think he's better than some of the backups in the league, bu he has to realize that he can't just waltz into a starting job. not after his quick stints in miami and oakland.

blackink said...

This much is true. It's tough to bring him into any locker room because he's not willing to play his role.

I think, in some ways, it's similar to what Doug Flutie dealt with his entire career. He just assumed he should be starting, and some teams just weren't hearing that and didn't want to deal with the fallout.

But, you know, talent has to matter at some point. Certainly the 49ers, Ravens or, hell, the Falcons (to allow Matt Ryan some time to breathe) could have given him a look.

avery said...

no doubt. but i'm wondering if he's as good as he looked in minny, back when he had #84. granted, he was hurt a couple of the years he didn't, but by the time he got to oakland, i thought he was supposed to be healthy. so either he was real good and fell off real hard, or he was good and randy moss made him look way better than he was.

which just means that if donovan had had a top-tier receiver for more than one year, he'd be in that peyton-brady discussion.