Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And I forgot to mention Forrest Gregg

In the moments before Raiders owner Al Davis fired Lane Kiffin and hired current offensive line coach Tom Cable as the interim head coach, my homeboy Zen and I quickly came up with the names of some potential replacements.

The qualifications: someone who hadn't been an NFL head coach in more than 10 years; someone who was an abject failure in a previous NFL stint; or someone who had never even held a clipboard on an NFL sideline before, like a small-college coach. This seems to be the criteria Davis has used in the recent past, so we were trying to keep the search as realistic as possible.

In about 15 minutes, here's a few names that we came up with: Sam Wyche; Jack Pardee; Jerry Glanville; John Jenkins; Art Shell; Jim Wacker (whoops, he died a few years ago); Tom Flores; Matt Millen; Major Applewhite; Dom Capers; Mouse Davis; Vince Evans (since Davis seemingly kept him as the backup quarterback for about 20 years); Joe Bugel; Dennis Franchione; and Mike Ditka.

Honestly, nothing would have surprised us.

But good luck to you, Tom Cable. And make sure to keep an updated resume on

UPDATE: It's now that I think of my cousin Mike, who spent some of his childhood summers in the Bay Area and grew up rooting hard for the Raiders. For years, Mike ordered a fan letter called the "Raider Report" when he lived in Dallas and would even play with the Raiders during any and all Madden contests. I can only imagine that he's got heartburn over the unraveling taking place in Oakland.

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