Friday, October 3, 2008

Who didn't see this coming?

Lawrence Phillips, off to prison. I can't believe it took this long.

It's been a bad week for aging, wayward running backs.


sports truth said...

Go to to read the truth about Lawrence Phillips which media will not publish although they have received this information over and over.

Media spoke with Phillips’ attorney on the day of sentencing but refused to print anything she said-rather they deceptively said she did not return telephone calls!

Notice that statements of (alleged) victims are never quoted. Flores’ statement during Phillips’ sentencing was that his “leg was hurt during the ACCIDENT”!!! Selective hype comes from those (prosecutor, media, etc.) who care nothing about alleged victims, other than to use them for their own agenda!!!

Regularly read the website above to keep updated about appeals, where the cover-ups and deception that media, prosecutors and judges have gotten away with so far will be exposed–this time the end will be different!!!

Time will tell it all and California Supreme Court has opened up the process!!!

People stop being sheep!!! Stop blindly hating & seek the truth!

blackink said...

Sports Truth, you make a good point. I checked out your site, and I'll admit, it does give me pause.

The only caveat I might have here is that Lawrence has consistenly had run-ins with the law since his days in Lincoln. Not saying that he's always been guilty, or that even he hasn't been a target in some instance but, at some point, the incidents add up.

I, too, hope that he receives justice and a fairness in the courtroom and in media accounts. It's the only way we should all know how to operate.

Either way, I hope Lawrence finds the peace that seems to have eluded him for so long.

Joel said...

Ouch, from SI's Peter King: "I those those of us who spent much time around Lawrence Phillips figured that one day his life would crumble the way it did in a Los Angeles Superior Court room Friday."