Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Regular reading

Hilzoy thinks of all the newspapers Sarah Palin might be reading on a daily basis. You know, when she's made her way through the funnies in the Frontiersman and the business section of the Bristol Bay Times.

Once she's finished with all the newspapers in Alaska, it's an especially impressive list. Particularly the publication printed in Burmese.
I guess all that stuff about Putin rearing his ugly head and entering Alaskan airspace must have been part of the McCain campaign's clever expectations management game. I, for one, will never underestimate Sarah Palin again.

Maybe Hilzoy is right. Maybe we've been underestimating her all along. Maybe some of us will have to eat our words after all.

And maybe, by setting such a striking example, Palin can single-handedly turn around those dreadful revenue projections for U.S. newspapers. She might actually be the agent of change we've been looking for all this time.

Or not.

UPDATE: Palin takes Easy Street, complaining of journalism ethics in an effort to defend her horrific performances in front of Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson. Look, everything begins to take the look of a "pop quiz" when even the easiest questions - what do you read? - seem able to trip her up. She's making this hard on herself. I'd argue that Palin hasn't really had a tough interview to this point.

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