Thursday, October 2, 2008

Once again it's on

As usual, no live-blogging of the vice-presidential debate here. Maybe next time. But if you're into that sort of thing, here's some links:

The Daily Dish
Washington Monthly
Talking Points Memo
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Think Progress

For what it's worth, I think Sarah Palin is going to work that "Joe Six-Pack/Hockey Mom" thing to death tonight - lots of smiles, anecdotes and mavericky-chatter. It's her only hope to keep from looking overwhelmed and overmatched. So far, she's not doing too badly.

But let's be honest: in the end, this probably will have little to do with what happens on Nov. 4.

UPDATE: My prediction, by the way, is that the deeper we get into the debate, the more incoherent and unsure Palin will get. By the hour-mark, perhaps, she'll be unable to revert to her talking points without seeming repetitive and empty-headed. Remember: she doesn't have a well of knowledge and experience to draw upon when she gets stumped by a question.

UPDATE 2: It's happening.

UPDATE 3: What do you think she's writing on those note cards while Biden talks? "Help!" or something like that?

UPDATE 4: "Past is prologue." Nice line from Biden. He seems to be finally finding his footing. Biden was sort of, uh, "wonky" early on. (on another note, looks like I'm live-blogging after all. Sort of).

UPDATE 5: A solid shot from Palin, riffing on the "for it before you were against it" line in regard to Biden's vote on the Iraq war. It'll play to the crowd she wants it to play to. She's cruising right now.

UPDATE 6: Sigh. A "team of mavericks." Somewhere, Dirk Nowitzki is in Dusseldorf, disavowing himself of that claim.

UPDATE 7: Good gosh. How in the hell am I supposed to listen, think and type at the same time? This is impossible. And possibly a mistake.

UPDATE 8: Wow. Pitt is leading South Florida 17-14 at the start of the fourth quarter. How did that happen? (I love having a TV with picture-in-picture).

UPDATE 9: I probably need to pickup my to-go order from Chili's. I'm sure they'll replay this later tonight. I'll check back in a bit. My initial impression is that, well, nothing much will come of this.

UPDATE 10: Ah, we agree. "He is the man that we need to leave."

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