Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From Anchorage With Love (again)

Far, far, far away from the elite liberal media, here's a video from the Anchorage Daily News about the news story that arrived with Sarah Palin on the national stage: the so-called Troopergate investigation.

It's definitely worth a gander. And serious consideration.

As an aside, I can only imagine the reporters at the Daily News are, in some ways, eating up all this white-hot media attention on the Alaska Governor. Don't be surprised to see some of these reporters and editors move on to bigger and better-paying jobs should Palin make it into the White House.

Or even if she doesn't. It's akin to the tide that lifted the boats, so to speak, of reporters in New Orleans after Katrina or Patriots beat writers following those three Super Bowl titles. Big news often makes big stars of the opportunistic journalist. Play on, players.


Zen said...

She wants transparent secret hearings. What's wrong with that?

blackink said...

Nothing at all. And she can have all the secrecy she wants if she agrees to return to Wasilla.