Sunday, October 26, 2008

A different sort of ball for 'Bron

I briefly caught LeBron James playing prognosticator on "College Gameday" yesterday morning, and he actually offered some coherent football analysis. Even more so than Lou Holtz.

But his impressive turn as an analyst reminded me that LeBron was actually a blue-chip wide receiver back in his high school days. At 6-foot-8 and 250-pounds, James could have been a unique beast on the gridiron.

Had he kept playing football into college and beyond, I suppose it's possible that LeBron would have packed on more pounds and become a defensive end. But he also could have revolutionized the receiver-tight end position with his size, speed and leaping ability. Think LeBron would win many jump balls in the end zone?

I struggle for an apt comparison ... Terrell Owens? Plaxico Burress? Tony Gonzalez? Antonio Gates? None of those really seem to fit. Like, maybe, the Julius Peppers of offense? If you've got a better name, please do share.


J. Long said...

T.O. would be a good comparison. T.O. was a very good basketball player at UTC.

He was very quick, and could jump out the gym.

Bron would probably be a faster Antonio Gates.

blackink said...

Yeah, T.O. even played a little semi-pro hoops for a bit, no?

Antonio Gates definitely seems the most apt comparison but, athletically, I think LeBron still has a huge edge. There's just not quite a guy like him.