Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Temps

As you might imagine, I just had to watch - again and again - "The Temptations" miniseries that was running on VH1 this weekend. Much to the First Lady's chagrin.

No, the miniseries wasn't particularly well-written or even well-acted. But it was chockful of nuggets and entertaining moments that kept me riveted both times I caught it on the tee-vee. A few things worth mentioning:

1. Leon was absolutely born to play the role of a Motown-era soul singer. Seems like he even plays one in real life. But just remember: can't nobody sang, like old Eddie Caine.

2. In his lengthy and generally distinguished acting career, Obba Babatunde has played both Berry Gordy and Gordy Berry. That's definitely some sort of accomplishment.

3. I wonder if it's possible that Otis Williams managed to outlive all the original group members because he really didn't bring much to the table. Walk with me: David Ruffin was the lead singer; Eddie Kendricks could also work the pipes; Melvin Franklin brought the bass; and Paul Williams was the choreographer. What, exactly, was Otis doing in the group?

I might note, however, that he was also greatly aided by the fact that he apparently didn't have much of a taste for cocaine, alcohol or cigarettes.

4. And now, because the miniseries pretty much ignored the brother - Dennis Edwards:


avery said...

have you seen Leon as Little Richard?

a girl used to say i looked like that bamma, too. she never knew his name. she just called him JT.

ole girl: (pointing at me) Don't he look just like JT?

me: :T

blackink said...

Dang, AT. Now you've given me something else that I need to watch.

And, no matter the movie, no matter the character, Leon is always pulling the ladies. Even in "Above the Rim."

I even mentioned to the FL during the "Temps" miniseries that, no matter where Leon/Ruffin showed up, a fevah managed to find him. Even when he dropped by to see his boy Eddie Kendricks on the chitlin' circuit.

Librachick said...

LMAO! This post was hilarious on SO many levels. First of all, you already KNOW how I feel about The Temptations movie and most importantly "The Five Heartbeats," the latter being my FAVORITE of the Motown-era movie genre, even though it's fictional. That dang Eddie Kane is classic!

Also, I had no idea there was a video for that Dennis Edwards song! (And I was probably better off for NOT having seen that's an awful video, even for the '80s, lol.) Furthermore, I didn't realize that was Siedah Garrett singing with him on it! lol!

Anyway, I always thought Leon was the hotness until I saw him in that Little Richard movie (yes, you and FL need to check that one out.) and "Cover." The latter movie particularly scarred me, lol.

blackink said...

Yeah. Unfortunately for Dennis Edwards, the evidence of that video has been preserved for posterity. Jeez. Seems like he was a little grabby with Siedah though, eh?