Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Wayne Brady, son

See, I really can't tell if I like this song or not. To me, it sort of highlights the problem that entertainers have transitioning into the music industry. I had/have the same issue with Jamie Foxx. The calls were much easier on Jennifer Lopez and Eddie Murphy - they suck.

I don't have the freedom of judging Brady solely on the merits of his musical talents. Which is really unfair because he's certainly a talented guy. But to me he's still that dude who Paul Mooney cracked foul on, and then went on Chapelle's Show and turned it out.

For some reason, I just kept expecting him to finish with an "I'm Wayne Brady, bitch!" and roll out.


Bougie Applebum said...

Wayne Brady. lol. Never could get into his singing "career". I agree he's a talented brotha. But until Wayne popped up on Chappelle to reclaim his soul points, I was co-signing with Paul Mooney...

blackink said...

You know, Bougie, I knew him from "Whose Line Is It?" but not from much else. It was Chappelle that really blew up his spot to me.

But he can sing. Maybe not saaaang. But he can sing.

Bougie Applebum said...

Yeah, I first caught him on "Whose Line Is It?" and since I wasn't much of a fan of the show...well I wasn't a big fan of him. It's weird, I could watch all of the "Who's Line..." guys in a sitcom setting, but watching 'em on "Whose Line..." it just felt like a never-ending pain.

Yeah he can sing, but like you said saaaang is a whole different story.