Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea bloopers

I'm not quite sure this guy knows what "white slavery" really means.


Jack T. said...

I don't think he knows much about Obama's plan either. Nutter butters.

The DC event can be summed up in four words: Really wet clown shoes.

avery said...

dawg. are. you. serious?

fite wolks, man.

on the mostly no-jive...stuff like that is why i could never ring up becky, cuz that might be her uncle, brother, or pop. and that wouldn't work. at all.

blackink said...

There's not enough space in the blogosphere to properly mock the tea parties. I could post pictures or editorials or videos from those events all day long.

However, it'd be a waste. Because most of them have no shame, a complete and utter lack of sense or self-awareness. I hate to use that strong of language because I believe principled, thoughtful dissent is one of the bedrocks of democracy.

But this ain't that.

And Ave, you might be surprised about the "beckys" - my homeboy calls them "Charlies." Speaking from personal experience (what'd you expect? I went to a school where most of the brown folks were on the football team), they've got as many nuts in their families as we've got in ours.

Back in my day, I just opened up the dating pool and dove right in. Until, of course, I came up with my top catch. I know it ain't for everyone but just saying.

avery said...

real talk - love is dicey enough that you gotta take it how you find it and enjoy it if you do.

but i'm prejudiced. suffice it to say, we didn't even watch wheel of fortune if wasn't nobody Black on there.

Esquire said...

You know, there are moments when I'd just like to beam myself through time and space and smack someone upside the head.

I mean, "white slavery." Avery put it perfectly.
dawg. are. you. serious?

Avery - LOL. Man, I don't know if we watched any game show until a black person was on there except maybe the price is right.

blackink said...

Ave: Lol. You just made me spit up my food, man.

Nah, I know from whence you came. I'm probably from the same place.

In the Showcase Showdown, my fam and i were always rooting for the brown folks.

And if you came up in the '80s, it wasn't a mystery why I was rooting for the Lakers - if the Rockets couldn't make it to the Finals.

Jack T. said...

If I can add an absurdly suburban view to this convo, I'm with BI on the dating tip. Finding someone you can tolerate is hard work, and I say take it where you can get it.

I also have a few nutters in my fam, so I'm not going to make fun of anyone else's. But the DC nutters weren't trying to engage in meaningful discussion of the country's policies, they were trying to kick dirt on the Black Liberal Democrat in the White House. For those of you wondering what the Klan would be like if they went all P.T. Barnum on that ass, this is it.

I still love old episodes of the Price is Right. I keep hoping for the announcer to shout "...Iiiiit's a NEW CAR!!!"

And BI, I was a big Pistons fan in the 80s for a similar reason. They reminded me of gangs in my area: a bunch of tough black guys and their one insane white friend.

Bougie Applebum said...

See.... this is the type of pic you need to save for the weekend. As I sit the lonebrownsoldier in the office, each time someone asks me something my mind reverts back to your blog and the thought pops up "Oh I got your slavery!"

Sadly, no doubt this joker ain't the only one believing this nonsense. I'm sure an email is making its rounds with instructions to "Fight the Power".

On another note - I'm all for the open pool. My family reunions look like a Rainbow Coalition with all of our Charlies, Beckys and even Timmys rolling all up-n-through. So do what ya like.

blackink said...

@Jack: I'm right there with you, though I never rooted for the Pistons over the Lakers precisely because of Laimbeer. I was almost always a Western Conference guy. But if the Celtics were involved, I was rooting for the other team. Hands down.

And you sort of articulated the "tough black guy" thing that I root for. It's the reason I loved Tyson, The U, UNLV, Michael Vick, etc.

@Bougie: You know, Digital Underground pretty much said that too. Not a bad philosophy, long as you ain't hurting nobody.

Jack T. said...

BI: Man, no you didn't. Now I'm going to be thinking "Just grab him in the biscuits" all day.

blackink said...

@Jack: Lol. What the world needs is more Shock G, my brother.

Man, now I'm going to need to bust out "Freaks of the Industry." Dammit.

Bougie Applebum said...

Oh no you di'int go there with Freaks of the Industry.... Come on now.

And it's Friday too? I think you just flipped it into a Freaky Friday for the masses - the real, the freaky dog... lol That's a whole 'notha topic. What were we discussing again? Tea parties? lol

blackink said...

Lol. Yeah, er, tea parties.

Damn. I'm really thinking about throwing up another post about this stuff but I don't wanna do the overkill. Still, John Oliver on the Daily Show killed it last night.

Jack T. said...

BI: I've been laughing about that all day. Oliver telling people that the British killed millions of people and deserve better than being compared to a President unpopular with some (nutters) people was classic.

blackink said...

@Jack: No doubt. I thought the closer was the killer too ... "so it's not really taxation without representation, right?"

That was a great segment, start to finish.

avery said...

Bougie, the digital underground reference was clutch. i'm assuming you're referring to the great, "fool get a clue." loves that record.