Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FunkDoc's Spot

A two-bedroom, two-bathroom studio home in Staten Island? On "MTV Cribs"? For real?

Yep. Redman will beee dat. Ave brought up Funk Doc the other day, so I had to dig up my favorite episode of MTV's mostly mindless peep show into the lives of stars who almost certainly ruined the resale value of their McMansions:

mtv cribs red man

Three important things, assuming you make it through the entire 6-minute video clip:

1. Do you think he really watched "Joe's Apartment"? If so, he's the first and only person I know who's ever done that.

2. The "dollar box"?

3. I bet Red is one of the few artists to appear on "Cribs" who's virtually guaranteed to never get kicked out of his house.



avery said...

The lotion on the nightstand, son.


blackink said...

Lol. Indeed. Bet you didn't see that at Bow Wow's crib.

Jack T. said...

I remember seeing this and thinking that it couldn't be real. The mess of video game wires in front of the tv is classic.

blackink said...

No doubt. I thought he was running game on everyone.

And maybe he was.

But, yo, my bedroom as a teenager wasn't anywhere as messy as Red's crib. In the truest sense of it, he really did have a bachelor's pad.

Them fish fillets were clutch, too.

avery said...

and Sugar Bear over there asleep...that whole thing was just as over-the-top as a normal show, only in exactly the opposite direction.

personally, even if i had an "mtv cribs" crib, i'd post up in a spot like that. although i can't think of one of my erstwhile old ladies that would go for it.