Sunday, April 12, 2009

Random Acts of YouTube

Go head, call it a copout - posting yet another YouTube video. But I was thinking hard about this cartoon the other day.

Was I the only one who used to watch this? I loved this show.

Actually, I've got a gang of videos that I've been meaning to post. Since my work schedule and writer's block are conspiring against me, expect to see more than the usual number in the coming week.


avery said... i'ma hafta dig deep.

blackink said...

Bruh, I think so. I'm slacking over here. But i'm trying to make a dent in it all ... just grateful that the FL could handle filing my taxes.

avery said...

aw man, i gotta get up on that today. this is the first year i ever slacked this bad.

blackink said...

Fam, I wasn't even thinking about it until FL mentioned it over the weekend. April just snuck up on me.

Good thing is, I didn't have to pay H&R Block this year.