Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tweeting Lessons with Peter King

KSK envisions a very special Tweeting lesson for Sports Illustrated's Peter King, who mentioned in this week's column that "Rumor has it I’m going to be taught how by my people this week…":

Instructor: So Peter, the way you tweet is by typing something into this box
and then pushing the UPDATE button.

King: This box?

Instructor: No Peter, that’s the address bar of your browser. The white box in the middle of the screen.

King: It’s asking me, “What are you doing?”. What does that mean?

Instructor: It means, what are you doing?

King: Well, currently I’m enjoying a peppermint mocha from Peet’s. PEET’S, FABULOUS JOB MAKING SURE YOUR PEPPERMINT MOCHAS HAVE JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF MINTINESS. Should I write that?

Instructor: I guess. You just have to keep it to 140 characters.

King: What characters? You mean, like Don “Donnie Brasco” Banks?

Instructor: No, I mean 140 letters.

King: But what if I want to go on longer? For example, last week Frank Ames took me to Normandie Farms. Now, I don’t know what they put in their popovers, but you absolutely have to try them. With just a schmear of strawberry butter, they are truly something special. Only gripe? The coffee tasted like it came of out the kidneys of a dehydrated old man. NORMANDIE FARMS, YOU HAVE A LOT TO LEARN ABOUT HOW TO PACK AN ESPRESSO POD… Will I be able to do this “tweeting” while I drive?

Instructor: (kills self)

Honestly ... assuming you bother going to the Twitter site, how could someone need a lesson in Tweeting? And how many lessons do you think he'll need? Do you think SI has AP Tweeting classes?

Goodness. I can't wait until someone starts a fake Twitter feed from Peter King.

Post-script: I actually have a Twitter account. But I've updated four times in four months. I plan to do better in the future. If you're interested, look me up.


Bougie Applebum said...

Last month I was in Twitter overdrive - updating everyday all throughout the day. This month meh not so much.

I had a Twitter account for about a month before I actually started using it. Now ask me if I understand all the hoopla. Nope...I do not. :-)

blackink said...

Yeah, Bougie. I'm just sort of blah about it. I dunno what that's about.

I mean, I really don't see where it's all that different from a FB status update.

I might feel differently, though, if I actually gave it a chance. For a long time, I thought blogging was stupid too.

shani-o said...

Hmm...I had a Twitter for about a year before I started using it heavily this year. I don't go more than a day without tweeting now. Once I found people to follow, particularly coworkers and friends from school, it became more fun. Plus, there's the ever-entertaining Questlove and Erykah Badu (who does these weird/brilliant stream-of-consciousness tweets).

I actually like FB more now that the status updates are like Twitter.

What's your Twitter handle? I'm @shani_o

blackink said...

Hey, Shani. I'm blackink12. Let's find each other in the Twittersphere.

And you're probably right. I need to give it a chance. I think, some of the problem was that I couldn't find that many of my friends on there so I just sort of gave it up.

But if Erykah's on there, sounds like I need to get familiar.