Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Post-racial America

Is this a Joe Six-Pack, a working-class American or a resident of Main Street?


maria said...

that is fucking disgusting. good thing he's not wearing a helmet.

how are things with the first lady?

Anonymous said...

WTF? where is this?

blackink said...

Not sure where this pic was taken. Probably Main Street, USA.

And, lol, Maria. He's probably not wearing a helmet because he doesn't have much to protect up there.

The First Lady is good. And mostly grateful that I took an extended break from the computer.

Matt C said...

Wonder if he's on his way to that E-Z Pawn shop up on the right.

Matt C said...

...Equal time for some good-ole (Obama-lovin') boys!

"We hunt, fish, drink beer and support Barack Obama," said Tony Viessman.

blackink said...

Though I'm innately uncomfortable around people who refer to themselves as "rednecks," I can appreciate some diversity in the Democratic coalition.

Not to mention folks who appreciate intelligence in their political leaders. I was getting worried about some of us.