Monday, October 13, 2008

Two-minute drill

Ok, so I wrote this first item before learning this morning that Tony Romo would be out for the next month. The Cowboys are a dumpster fire, I tell ya. Right about now is the time that they're going to come apart at the seams.

1st Down: I'd like to officially withdraw my preseason pick of the Dallas Cowboys as the top team in the NFC. Don't say I'm overreacting either - this has been coming for some time. But this tidbit from Matt Mosley's blog, in a nutshell, highlighted my concerns about the Cowboys as a legit Super Bowl contender this season:
"Maybe we need our a---- chewed out or something," Crayton said. "You never know. Sometimes that jump starts something. We need to step up and play ball."

Crayton went on to say that the team "bops around" during practice and that the Redskins loss should've been a wakeup call. "We hit the snooze button," he said.

With all due respect to Wade Phillips, the rear-chewers now reside in South Florida. The Cowboys embraced Wade's touchy-feely approach, so it's interesting to hear a player yearn for discipline.

A lack of talent certainly isn't the issue at Valley Ranch. Maybe a lack of toughness is. Not to mention, T.O. is acting more erratic than McCain on the eve of the vote for the $700 billion bailout. That dude worries me.

2nd Down: I'm sticking by my AFC choice of the Indianapolis Colts, though. Especially with the Patriots, Chargers and Steelers looking very, very vulnerable. Those teams just don't have enough bullets in their gun. And it was only a matter of time before Peyton and Co. awoke from their slumber.

3rd Down: Texas might be No. 1 for the moment but it's definitely not the best college team in the nation. No matter, since the Longhorns will almost certainly not make it unscathed through an upcoming three-game stretch of Missouri, Texas Tech and Kansas. And Oklahoma will be there again at the end.

4th Down: For once, I'd like to see NFL commish Roger Goodell show some restraint and defer to our legal system before rendering judgment against troubled Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones. I can't believe the NFLPA has allowed Goodell to completely steamroll them on this issue. He's already set a dangerous precedent. There's going to need to be some pushback at some point.

Turnover on Downs: On Thursday night during the Clemson-Wake Forest game, I asked a group of friends if Tommy Bowden was trying to get himself fired. Looks like he didn't have to try all that hard.

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