Monday, October 13, 2008

Texas: Home of the Idiocracy

In the two previous presidential elections, Texas was essentially a foregone conclusion for Dubya and the GOP. Texas was no battleground state: the battle ended a long time ago here and the Republicans left streams of (red) blood in their wake.

Consider that GOP presidential nominees have carried Texas in every election since 1980 and Republicans have held all statewide offices here for, at the least, the past decade.

But, among the reasons listed as factors working in McCain's favor is this little nugget of info: Texas is "a low education state."

Really? The test ground for "No Child Left Behind"? You don't say.

Do you think it bothers Republicans, at all, that at least some of their political advantage in Texas comes from grooming a less-educated electorate? That's probably a question that needs no answer, huh?

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