Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Roots

Because it's Sunday, that's why.

UPDATE: I must have soaked up this idea from TNC because he did the same thing Friday. I went with "Star," he went with "Water." Either way, it's all good music.


Knockout Ed said...

T-NC inspired me to do the same thing:

I also had to give you a shout out.

I also must say you are a freaking prolific blogger, good stuff too. My thoughts are too incoherent to write most of the time.

blackink said...

Thanks much, KO Ed. I'm much obliged. And let me return the compliment - you all have a nice site going over there, too.

Not to mention, you have great taste in hip-hop. The Roots are the truth.

avery said...

Guess I'ma hafta keep it goin.

blackink said...

Good idea. I can never get enough - I left all my Roots CDs back in Florida.