Saturday, October 18, 2008

Computer Love, SEC remix

As a fan of college football virtually from birth, I grew up a Southwest Conference guy and, particularly, a fan of the University of Houston. Then I played for a school - TCU - that was briefly a member of the 16-team Western Athletic Conference (I even work out today in a WAC 1997 Championship Game T-shirt).

After college graduation, I pretty much started following the Big 12 because it was easier and I was familiar with all the teams. But in recent years, after moving to Louisiana and then Florida, I almost gave myself over to the hype and hoopla of the Southeastern Conference. I was all ready to ease off my longstanding refusal to bow to the greatness and competitiveness of the SEC, starting this season.

Then, pretty much, the SEC went all pedestrian on me this year - Alabama is No. 2 because no one else in the Top 5 can seem to handle the heat; Florida lost at home to Ole Miss; LSU got absolutely eviscerated at the Swamp; Georgia has no heart at all and proved it in falling behind 31-0 to Alabama in one half; and the rest of the teams really aren't worth mentioning.

But, by far, the best part of following the SEC has been the revelation of the contents of Tommy Tuberville's gmail account. Not to mention, the e-mail accounts of Sylvester Croom, Phil Fulmer, Houston Nutt and Bobby Petrino.

I'll never doubt the fervor of football fans in the South. They take the game seriously down here, even the computer hackers.

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