Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wrong is wrong

If this report is true, then we should demand the same civility that we demand of others on the other half of the ticket.

I'm not defending the substance of Wisconsin talk radio host James T. Harris' plea at the John McCain rally last week, I'm merely defending his right to say it without being slurred by others. Hate mail and the casual use of hateful terms like "Sambo" and "slave" serve little purpose other than to erode the credibility of the accusers.

What's more, intraracial attempts to shout down the rare black conservative like Harris do more to strengthen perceptions that black folks are a monolithic voting bloc that cast ballots according to skin color and not their best interests. Not a good look.


Matt C said...

Good post. "Wrong is wrong" says it all.

blackink said...

Thanks, sir. I don't have much tolerance for those of us who are intolerant. And that's not a matter of party affiliation, skin color or religious denomination.

No one group has a monolopy on idiots, I suppose.