Friday, February 13, 2009

Celebrating Culture

Said a rep for the owners of a grocery chain that put collard greens, ham hocks, peanut butter and chicken on sale as part of the following Black History Month promotion:

I'm sorta "meh" about all of it. This is nothing that I'm going to get all worked up about - I can excuse clumsiness in this post-racial America. And what's more, I actually like fried chicken and collard greens. Watermelon, too.

Hawaiian Punch Cake? Can't say that I've ever heard of it. But I'd like to wash all of this down with some grape drink and St. Ides:


Jack T. said...

At least they acknowledged that black folks like sea food. Those scallops look pretty good.

avery said...

when i get home - prolly tomorrow -i'ma post up a picture of one of my t-shirts in homage to this joint.

black history month for real. but wait. how about the matress stores that have MLK Day sales?

the jokes write themselves.

blackink said...

@Jack: Man, don't even get me started on scallops. I'ma get me a plate of those this weekend.

@Avery: Wow. Mattresses and MLK Day, eh? SMH.