Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ok. This is it. For real.

I just saw a link to this new video a few minutes ago. Maybe this makes me a cornball, but I'm a big fan of Musiq Soulchild. I just can't help the way I feel:


avery said...

I'ma watch the video when i get to the crib, but in general i don't fools w/ that dude. nahmeen, he got a couple'a cuts that get some run, but overall? nah, b.

blackink said...

You know, I won't even raise a decent defense for Musiq. I can understand why someone wouldn't feel his musiq. Hell, I live with someone who doesn't.

But I was sorta hooked after his first album. He's sorta cheesy, not all that gifted vocally, but for whatever reason, it does the trick for me.

And AT, ain't he a Philly cat?

avery said...

philly cat, he is. and that don't even get him a pass w/ me. i usedta have his first two albums after somebody let me hold em, but a hard drive crash took care of that. since then, i ain't even tried to get them joints back. the joint, 'halfcrazy'...i was kinda feelin that. but for the most part? meh.