Thursday, February 12, 2009

Everyone Loves Lache

I know I've been very sportsy over the past couple of days but I'm in serious denial about the end of football season. Please bear with me through this post.

Anyhow, I just had to share this YouTube video of delightfully named Lache (pronounced like Lake) Seastrunk, a high school running back from the Central Texas town of Temple. This kid might be the best runner out of Texas since Adrian Peterson, aka Purple Jesus.

I'd love it if he'd put on another 15 or so pounds. As long as Lache doesn't lose his speed and sweet feet. Check out the clips (the producers could have done a little better - ok, a lot better - with the musical selections):


Camille said...

so this is an unrelated comment to the post at hand, but I am beyond geeked that you posted some Camp Lo on here. i was reading older posts, and this song is seriously making my day!

blackink said...

Ah, glad that you liked it. Camp Lo is a cure-all for lots of things. My favorite of theirs was always "Sparkle." It always seemed like the kind of song that I should listen to with a glass of bubbly.