Thursday, February 12, 2009

Colored folks and colas

Apropos of nothing really ...

Since this is Black History Month and all, can someone explain to me why an older generation of black folks seemed to universally prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola?

I seem to remember my great-grandmother, who ran a small bar in Kerrville, Texas, stocking her coolers and vending machines with Pepsi. If there was a Coke to be found, I had to run down the street to get it from the corner store.

Which also makes me think of Kool Cups. Mmmm.

Anyway, if I'm right about this, seems like Coca-Cola has been making serious moves to make it up to teh negroes.

Pardon this really peculiar interruption.


avery said...

My grandpop usedta swear by pepsi.

blackink said...

Tell ya, I can't hardly remember my grandmoms even having Coke in the house. But come dinner time, there were Pepsis everywhere.

There's gotta be something to this.