Wednesday, February 11, 2009

(Used to) bang like T-Mac

When Hakeem Olajuwon was traded to Toronto in 2001, he also took along most of my rooting interest in the Houston Rockets. I guess I had outgrown the relationship.

But from time to time, I still feel those old sparks for my ol' hometown five.

I was taken back to that special time after I saw the sad spectacle of Tracy McGrady missing an open-court dunk the other night. T-Mac has struggled with injuries almost every year in Houston, and at 29, he's got more mileage on his odometer than most players his age.

So, in the first clip, I want to take out time to remember better days for one of the best dunkers to ever make his home off Highway 59. In the other clip, I'll have to honor the memory of the top dunker in Rocket history - Stevie Franchise.

T-Mac Note: I think this dunk might have ended Bradley's career.

Stevie Note: In my younger and dumber days, I honestly tried to argue that Steve was the best pg in the league. Even over Jason Kidd. That's what being a hardcore fan will do to you.


avery said...

Well, not that this is a pro-Rockets clip, but the one with The Honorable Kevin Johnson yammin on Dream...that joint is vicious.

blackink said...

That bang really hurt me, even to this day. Just epic. It wasn't even like K.J. to dunk like that back in the day.

The only solace I take from it is that, at that moment, the Rockets were just about to send the Suns out of the playoffs.