Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is it (what?)

I'm off on some professional development shyt at the Mothership, so posting will probably be light today. As always, I'll be back with a bundle of links and hopefully some improved writing skillz.

If you've got any ideas for "Not Fulfilling the Dream," some links of interest, suggestions for my iPod or some thoughts, please e-mail them to or get at me in the comments section.

Until then:


Jack T. said...

I rocked this when it came out. I wore the tape out. I still can't figure out what the words are about though. Now I want to watch Cooley High again. With some armaretta.

blackink said...

Jack, man, I still have that first joint in heavy rotation. They have a couple of follow-up albums but they never really got back into the mix.

Not sure if you've heard it, but their remix to "Gotcha" is a niiiice throwback to their mid-90s heyday.