Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free period (Linked Up)

Strake Jesuit wins again. One more victory this afternoon, and the undefeated Crusaders are headed to Austin for the Final Four.

On to more important things - or not. I'm not feeling all that newsy, so this will be a Linked Up with a twist. As always, these aren't necessarily arranged in any particular order:

1. Here's some bad paintings of President Obama (one pictured above), if you're interested. Thankfully, none of them involve Curious George or a fatally wounded chimp. h/t UBM.

2. You heard it here: Newt Gingrich is NOT going to run for president in 2012. Steve Benen explains why.

3. Believe it or not, the recession has impacted women in more meaningful ways than their romantic lives. No, really.

4. Ghostface Killah has a message for Rihanna:

5. Cosmically stupid yet somehow still popular: Glenn Beck. Then again, I guess the same thing could be said of Flavor Flav and Jessica Simpson. Beck will always be that morning zoo deejay to me.

6. Are people still watching Jim Cramer? For something other than entertainment? If so, why?

7. If you consider the strong precedent, 36-year-old Terrell Owens seems to running that final fade route. Unless you believe he's better than every receiver in NFL history other than Jerry Rice. And I don't.

8. If this study is true, then I almost certainly have more Facebook friends than I need.

9. Gotta love Venn Diagrams.

10. One of my favorite spots in Houston made Esquire's list of the 59 best breakfast restaurants in the country. It's hard to argue with fried chicken and waffles. Sadly enough, no place in the Tampa Bay area made the list. But I'm offering up the name of Daily Eats for consideration anyway.

11. The private search off the Gulf Coast for three missing boaters, including two NFL players, has come to a sobering end. May their families receive the peace that surpasses all understanding. It reminded me, for whatever reason, of the mysterious and very tragic disappearance at sea of former NBA player Bison Dele. Here's some background.

12. Finally, a writer catches up with retired punching bag Glass Joe, the first knockout victim of almost every kid in my generation. I'm now on a mission to find out what happened to Soda Popinsky. But here's some footage of Joe, who retired with a record of 1-100:


Bougie Applebum said...

1. You're correct, the pictures of President Obama were pretty bad. I'll charge it off as results from a Pre-K art project. Please,they were just too bad to be done by adults. I shutter at the thought of 'em. lol.

2. I'm in Houston and can you believe sadly enough, I have yet to try chicken and waffles at the Breakfast Klub? In fact, I've never dined there at all. I'm so deprived. :-)

3. Being lost at sea has always been unnerving for me. I checked out the story on Bison Dele - thanks for sharing. That's just too wild for my blood. I never did get over watching the movie "The Perfect Storm" and now thanks to YOU I can add the Bison Dele story as well as the recent events of the three missing boaters to my list of unsettling sea endings. Ka-ra-zee.

blackink said...

Bougie: You've never been to the Breakfast Klub. For shame. I've only been once but it was a memorable experience. The owner, I believe, thought long and hard about challenging Sheila Jackson Lee in the Democratic primary last spring.

How about Buffalo Grille? You ever been over there? I love that place too.

Bougie Applebum said...

Yes I've tried Buffalo Grille, very good place indeed.