Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How do you like him now?

In the prescient words of DMX, "ni**as pumped you up, to watch you get beat":

A month after Michael Steele became the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee, key party leaders are worried that the GOP has made a costly mistake — one that will make it even harder for them to take back power from the dominant Democratic Party.

Steadily becoming a dependable punch line, Steele has brushed back Rush Limbaugh, threatened moderate Republican senators, offered the “friggin’ awesome” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal some “slum love,” called civil unions “crazy” and promised more outreach to “urban-suburban hip-hop settings” via an “off the hook” public relations

... On the organizational side, Steele does not have a chief of staff, a political director, a finance director or a communications director. Last week, one of the two men sharing the job of interim finance director was forced to resign.

... “There’s frustration that there’s no discipline, no planning,” said a well-known Republican consultant. “He’s risking being overexposed by accepting everyinterview, which makes gaffes more likely.”

Steele then responded by giving a lengthy interview with Politico. SMH.

I hate to be right on this sort of thing but, once again, this is how the GOP would have it. Republicans and conservatives have almost always engaged in the worst kinds of affirmative action, if only to provide first-hand evidence of their manifest superiority.

They never wanted a conservative version of Barack Obama. They wanted a fall guy.

P.S. And in case the DMX reference is too dated or too obscure, here's what I'm talking about. Shut Em Down, indeed.


Jack T. said...

How much of this do you think is about the dressing down of a black man (Steele) while another is in power (Pres. Obama)?

Either way, Steele could have prevented this by having all his ducks in a row. Which he doesn't. It's a shame to watch him waste all the talent he obviously has by being sloppy. It's fun to watch the GOP crash and burn behind its own incompetence though.

blackink said...

Jack, that's actually an interesting take on it. Not saying I agree but it's something to consider. I'd like to believe the GOP wouldn't want to settle for anyone but the real thing.

And, yeah. I think TNC said something to the effect of black people feeling sorry for Steele now amid this epic fail. I sort of feel that way.

But not really.