Monday, March 2, 2009

More Black History: When Light Skin was In

Since we're two days into March, it would be real easy to forget about Black History Month.

Not me!

Actually, this is a bit of black history that I hadn't thought about much until I caught a re-run of "New Jack City" on BET the other night. Specifically, I realized that I had totally lost track of Christopher "Don't Wake Me" Williams over the past 15 or so years.

Seems like he's doing OK, working the chitlin' circuit for black musicals and such. But I had always wondered if his, uh, promising R&B career took a hit because of longtime rumors that he once struck then-girlfriend Halle Berry so hard that she lost much of the hearing in her right ear (pay attention, Chris Brown).

Anyway, Williams has denied this accusation for a number of years and has apparently suggested that Halle was referring to Wesley Snipes - and we wonder why Nino never liked him anyway. But here's video of Williams with more of the same (minus the Snipes references):


Jack T. said...

"Pretty Motherf*cka."

blackink said...

Then Nino turned on him at the end, too. Cold-blooded.

Thus started the decline of the light-skinned brotha. They had things on lock in the early 90s.

Jack T. said...


As a medium-kinda dark skinned cat who hit puberty in the early 90s, I can tell you this was painful. Between Christopher Williams, Kid from Kid N' Play, the one light skinned kid in Kriss Kross, Heavy D, Freedom Williams, Redhead Kingpin, Ron Johnson and Prince, a brotha got NO LOVE.

"People think they diss my person
by stating I'm darkly packed
I know this so I point at Q-Tip
and he states, 'Black is Black'"

Bougie Applebum said...

How funny, I just watched NJC yesterday afternoon. Guess it's the month for the New Jack Swing.

I admit back in the day everybody was into Christopher Williams, but I never jumped on the light skin trolley. I guess this was one sista left behind at the station waiting for the Night Train. :-)

avery said...

The best/worst line from NJC was when Nino jumped out w/ "cancel that b*tch...i'll buy another one!"

but have you ever stopped to think about the fact that it was them light-skinded jawns that brought the brown down? except for Miss HAWKins. well..chris williams was the fall guy, but g money, the cancelled yatch (i don't remember her name in the movie), and scottie. 3 lite-brites tryina scheme on the dark-skinded brotha.

blackink said...

@Jack: Clutch De La reference. See, I wasn't dark but I wasn't light. Simply brown. We were left out of the equation totally. I mean, while the girls were giving crazy love to Christopher Williams, Raheem from "Juice," and almost everyone in "Shai," they were also feeling Wesley, the brother who played "Cinque," and Tyson Beckford. Brown brothers were left out of the mix, I'm telling you.

@Bougie: You know, you're right. I've seen NJC like twice in the past couple of weeks. Which is more than I've seen it in the past couple of years. It's not quite as good on regular cable, though.

@A.T.: Lol. I peeped that. You talking about Michael Michelle or something like that. She was on "NY Undercover," too. I was feeling that. Don't forget about Stone, too.

But you right, the dark folks in "NJC" never really came up on things: Nino, Pookie, Ms. HAWKINS. Mario Van P must have had some color issues.

Anyone else peep that Uniqua was ol' girl from "She's Gotta Have It"?