Thursday, March 5, 2009

On the money

In case you missed it, Jon Stewart absolutely mashed CNBC and its hacktacular hosts - Santelli, Cramer, Baritromo, etc. - on last night's edition of "The Daily Show."

In fact, the entire half-hour was one of the best I've seen on TV in some time. Stewart's interview of New York Times business writer Joe Nocera was masterful.

To echo the words of John Cole, "I think I need a cigarette."

Watch and enjoy:


maria said...

AP is doing a story on this. more good news for CNBC...they actually foster this kind of PR, under the mae west theory.

blackink said...

Eh, I suppose. But would you want the stars of your network being made fools of?

I think it's short-term PR. In the long run, it doesn't seem like a reliable way to drum up viewers if people think your analysts are cranks.