Sunday, March 1, 2009

Free period

I dare not get too excited about what's happening back in Houston. A childhood spent rooting for the Oilers has taught me well.

Nevertheless, my alma mater, Strake Jesuit, improved to 34-0 after a 12-point win last night in the third-round of the Texas Class 5A playoffs. Some actual-factuals from the game - a rather sparse write-up, if you ask me - can be found here.

Sounds like the Crusaders threw a blanket over McDonald's All-American and Oklahoma signee Tommy Mason-Griffin (nice crossover at :37).

If Strake can win three more games this week, I might actually have an interesting decision to make. I have always promised myself that if Strake advanced to the Final Four of the state tournament, I would withstand Hell or high water to get to Austin.
But things are a bit more complicated when your paycheck doesn't go quite as far, you have to ask for time off from work and under the best circumstances, a round-trip ticket will cost more than $400.

One way or another, I'd like to have a decision to make after next weekend.

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