Friday, March 6, 2009

Tampa Bay: 1 in 10. Michigan: worse.

Honestly, how much lower can we go?

In the Tampa Bay area, the unemployment rate reached 9.7 percent as the region has shed more than 42,000 jobs year over year.
And I've previously prattled on about how bad things are at newspapers. But really, companies in a number of fields are hemorraghing money and employees:

Job losses were widespread last month.

Construction companies eliminated 104,000 jobs. Factories axed 168,000. Retailers cut nearly 40,000. Professional and business services got rid of 180,000, with 78,000 jobs lost at temporary-help agencies. Financial companies reduced payrolls by 44,000. Leisure and hospitality firms chopped 33,000 positions.

The place feeling it the most? Michigan. By far. I really have no idea how we'll ever be able to restore that place.

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