Saturday, April 25, 2009

About principles and draft picks

It's important to have principles. In personal relationships. At the office. On the blacktop. And when sifting through dozens of former college football stars for your professional football franchise.

Daniel Snyder could learn something from this, I think. And Al Davis would do well to tinker with his principles - throwing deep is no longer a winning strategy. Throwing millions of dollars and valuable draft picks at your problems are no way to fix your problems.

So, with the NFL Draft only a few hours away, I'll just quickly run through my five truisms for avoiding years of sports-talk radio derision. It should be obvious that there are exceptions to all of these rules:

1. Unless a quarterback is worthy of the top 10 pick, don't bother until at least the sixth round. If you can't find a franchise quarterback early, just keep plugging in steady veterans until Matt Ryan drops out of the sky. This year, that means not using a pick on Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez and especially Josh Freeman.

2. Avoid most, if not all, Big Ten running backs in the early rounds. This year, that means Beanie Wells. And Shonn Greene.

3. Do not be seduced by defensive ends from Florida State. This year, that means Everette Brown.

4. Do not be seduced by all-world wide receivers from Florida, Florida State, Miami (obvious exception is Andre Johnson), or USC. This year, that means Percy Harvin.

5. When in doubt, just choose the best lineman on the board. That goes for any team stupid enough to let Andre Smith (pictured above) fall out of the top 10 because he's a little jiggly and fired his agent a few weeks ago.

Other drafting principles I feel a little less strongly about: don't pick running backs in the first round (with the notable exception of an Altered Beast like Adrian Peterson); don't answer the phone if the Patriots are on the other end (you're about to be fleeced); and keep Snyder, Davis, Jerry Jones and anyone from the Browns on speed dial; and the Houston Texans will draft someone who bores or exasperates their fan base.

That said, if you're a football fan (and if you read this post, you probably are), have fun with all this today. I'm gonna bow out and read all about it tomorrow.

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maria said...

WTF is going on in that photo? surely that's not the toned body of a football star? good god!

blackink said...

Maria, believe it or not, that was the best offensive lineman in college football last season.

Yeah, he's got a bit of a weight problem. But I can live with that.

Jack T. said...

"don't answer the phone if the Patriots are on the other end (you're about to be fleeced"

Church. If I were someone like the Chiefs I'd be a little nervous.

Maria, a lot of teams would be lucky to have that giggly guy.

I also need to point out that the Eagles are going to refuse yet again to get their hands on a big time receiver to help out Donovan and DeShaun.

Altered Beast is one of my favorite games EVER.

blackink said...

Riiight. You gotta think the Chiefs owe the Pats something for getting Cassel on the cheap. That was bizarre.

The Iggles have been silly about this receiver stuff, btw. They've wasted the prime of D-Mac's career. At the least, they should have been working the phones for Anquan or T Holt or some other productive vet receiver.

And yeah about Altered Beast. I think it came with my Genesis. (I need to post something about all the video game systems I've ever had to indulge my inner gaming nerd).

Jack T. said...

Al Davis is too old to be addicted to speed. He takes Heyward-Bey at 7 and lets Crabtree slip through. As your boy Ave might say, iono man.

The 'Skins got a decent pick.

Glory Be, the Iggles took a wideout.

G.D. said...

Didn't Smith also bounce from the Combine? just like, up and left?

And sheesh at that photo, fam. SHEESH.

G.D. said...

ey, man. don't get me started on the Eagles receiving corps. For a a two-year stretch, our best wideout was JAMES THRASH.

It's why i feel like he's so underrated. he's put up big numbers with no one to throw to, save that MONSTROUS year with T.O., when they were putting up 35 on everybody.

blackink said...

Yeah, Smith left the Combine early, got suspended from the Sugar Bowl for dealing with an agent and had terrible workouts.

But damn, he's a grown-ass man. I think he's gonna be an All-Pro.

And G.D., you're right about D-Mac's absolute prime being wasted. Good to see the Eagles finally gave him some targets to work with. But I'm not all that sold on Maclin. That dude has bust written all over him to me.