Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dogwhistles and handshakes

CNBC's Larry Kudlow thinks that President Obama and Hugo Chavez shared a "Boyz N the Hood"-style handshake.

But not really. I actually thought it looked more like this:

I really can't wait until someone blacks out and calls Obama a nigger.

Post-script: Matt Yglesias, who dubbed Obama's greeting of Chavez "the handshake of doom," brings some heat and light to the discussion about U.S. policy toward post-Cold War Latin America.


Jack T. said...

I've been thinking the same thing (about dropping an N bomb on the Pres) since about November 5th. I think the closest anyone will get is the hybrid "Nigra."

Kudlow and CNBC are both wearing clown shoes. I'm waiting for one of them to black out and scream "He's trying to take our shit!!!"

Anonymous said...

That ANYONE would find it offensive that two men such as President Obama and Hugo Chavez can share a cultural sign of respect--via a handshake "style"--only show an urgency to express their obvious racism, inferiority complex, and envy.
Bobby Richardson
Phila, PA

blackink said...

@Jack: I think you're right. It's close enough, and even manages to surpass "uppity." What will be really interesting is watching the right-wing talking heads accuse black people of playing the "race card" if someone calls them out on it.

@Bobby: I know, I know, I know. Sometime soon, I'm going to stop being surprised by all the idiots given a platform on cable news tee-vee.

And thanks for commenting.