Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Define "urban"

From New York magazine:

Last week, this image of Kanye West with his naked lady love, Amber Rose, surfaced on the Internet. Word was the shot was part of Kanye West's ad campaign for his range of Louis Vuitton sneakers. However, sources have just informed the Cut that the images are not part of a Louis Vuitton ad campaign of any kind. So to answer the question we all asked when we first saw these images, no, Louis Vuitton is not out of its mind. We're still not sure what the shots are for. We're guessing some kind of urban magazine like Giant. Unless Vogue has lost its mind.
I bet she means exactly what I think it means. And it's probably not "classy."


Jack T. said...


The end.

Bougie Applebum said...

@ Jack T. LMAO.

Or as they say here in TX "colored".

blackink said...

Haha. Do they say "colored" still in TX? That's actual progress.

But no ... you all beat me to the punch. Had some sort of computer doo-hickey screw-up here.

blackink said...

Not that the definitions still don't apply.

KST said...

"African American"
"those people"
"you people"

And my personal fave - "that one."

blackink said...

Yep. All those. And "that one" is a classic. Not yet an oldie either.

The envelope is going to be pushed, I think. Even "uppity" was used during the campaign without much complaint.