Friday, April 24, 2009

Sample Dat Ass

In more irrelevant hip-hop news, Chingy is defending himself against allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a transsexual. The following is not even close to SFW:

Oh, the things I'm willing to post when I'm trying to slog through a rough day of work. But I heard about this "beef" on satellite radio yesterday, which meant I was subjected to three minutes of the worst battle rap ever. Explicit doesn't even begin to describe it. When Foxx Jazelle was finished, I felt the urge to wash out my mouth with industrial-strength Lysol.

Which means that whenever I get an audio version of it, I'm putting it up on here. Believe dat.

In other news, things might be a little slow this afternoon but should pick up later this evening and tomorrow afternoon. At the least, I plan on weighing in on the Tyson documentary, more Texas secession news and the NFL draft.

More later. I promise.

Post-script: The title of the post comes from one of Chingy's classic hits with Murphy Lee. And by classic, I mean garbage.

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