Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Apropros of nothing

Well, not "nothing" but a conversation in the newsroom a few minutes ago: what the hell happened to Delaware Punch?

Does it still exist? It seems as if I'm the only person in my circle who's had one. Surely, that can't be the case.


Bougie Applebum said...

You see, Delaware Punch is a real "O.P." - Original Punch. It ain't down with OPP and BYOB. It just keeps it real as it lays low, in the cut for the opportune moment to present it's sassy and class flava. lol.

Actually I had a Delaware Punch a few days ago. It's still a hot menu item at James Coney Island here in Houston. Is it just me, but when you drink it, doesn't an ice cold Delaware Punch go down like "extra" cold...colder than a Dr. Pepper, colder than a Pepsi, just colder than anything else? Mmm mmm good. lol

avery said...

i thought that was what we called philly tap water. i ain't know there was really a drink by that name.

but is it a drink or a drank?

blackink said...

Nah, not drank. It's really drink.

Like Bougie was saying, it's sort of a hood classic. Bottled-up quarter water, in a way.

This all came up during a discussion today about drinks I hadn't had in awhile - Tahitian Treat, HiC, CapriSun, apple-flavored Slice, Big Peach. Old school.