Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joe Lieberman



Tell me, what exactly has he gotten right in the past three years?


KST said...

Epic fail. Although President Obama was trying to be bipartisan (whatever the hell that means) after being elected, I've always felt he should have thrown him under the bus. Lieberman is like a roach, unless he's squashed and FUBAR - he's going to keep coming back.

blackink said...

We should just be grateful, in a strange way, that he never sniffed the vice presidency.

Then again, even he couldn't have done worse than Cheney. Could he?

KST said...

I doubt it. Cheney set the bar so high I don't think anyone can touch it.

insert Jaws theme

Maybe Sarah Palin in 2010 after she fails to win the Republican Party nomination and lands on someone's ticket as VP candidate. And that someone dies in a freak moose hunting accident and she becomes Prez.