Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deep Thought

Question: Will teabaggers support the District of Columbia getting a member of Congress and two senators since they're actually being taxed without representation?


shani-o said...

Not while D.C. has a black majority (which won't be for much longer).

blackink said...

Basically. And maybe not even then.

Jack T. said...

We looked like we were going to get some Congressional love a few weeks ago. I'm sorry to say I haven't been keeping up with this, even though I live here.

The DC teabaggers didn't care about representation, they cared about being represented by people who agreed with their worldview.

blackink said...

Dead on. It's disingenuous. I actually think it's pretty reprehensible that D.C. has been denied like this for so long. But as I was discussing with the FL yesterday, the only people who win by voter and representattion suppression are the Repubs.

Like, there's something tugging me inside to stop mocking this bullshit but I can't help it.

Every few minutes, I come across something from the teabaggers that I want to post on here.

I'm going to have to fight off the urge.

KST said...

Please don't fight the urge. I find it funny as hell. Also a little sad because such a small minority is generating mass media coverage.

blackink said...

Appreciate the good word, KST. Let me tell you: everyday is a struggle.

In some ways, I hope the teabaggers keep it up. The jokes write themselves, you know?