Friday, September 26, 2008

About live-blogging the debate ... nope

Or the "Cold Diss at Ole Miss," as UBM dubbed tonight's proceedings.

But about live-blogging the debate, I don't think I'd be so good at that. I mean, minutes ago, I struggled to put down a coherent thought on somebody else's blog. I'm just not good at processing my ideas so quickly - and I'm saving you all from some embarrassing analysis.

However, if you need some guidance (or something to be distracted with during the actual debate), here's a few bloggers who are putting it down in real time:

The Daily Dish
Obsidian Wings
Think Progress (including Matt Y)
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Political Punch

Couple of things I must note, though:

1. I wish Barack would stop agreeing with McCain or, at the least, saying "John is right ..." and so on and so forth. McCain is not extending him the same courtesy.
2. McCain is being something more than condescending to Obama. If now downright offensive. Remember which one of these guys finished in the bottom of their graduating class and which one was president of the Harvard Law Review.
3. There's no way I can tell you who I thought won. I'm obvious biased here. What really matters is what the Idiocracy thought.
4. Michelle looked all sorts of foxy tonight. For real, though.

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