Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick study?

Not Sarah Palin, according to hilzoy:

Sarah Palin has been described as a quick study. But she has been surrounded by briefers for nearly three weeks, and she's still completely unable to string together an intelligent thought on the mortgage crisis.

... It would be nice if the running mate of one of the oldest candidates for President ever had some ideas about these issues. Since she's been prepping constantly, it's pretty alarming that she doesn't.

... I served with quick studies. I knew quick studies. Quick studies were a friend of mine. Sarah Palin: you're no quick study.

Seems that the early reviews - from liberal bloggers, admittedly - from her interview with Katie Couric weren't much better than those from her sit-down with Charlie Gibson. Without being too unkind, I'll just say Palin looks a lot like what you'd imagine the two-year governor of Alaska might look like under the national spotlight.

Wow. I honestly can't imagine a presidential campaign having a worse day than the one McCain had Wednesday.

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